Welcome to Blues Piano TV!

If you want to skip the background and get straight to playing some blues piano, visit the Episode Index for a full listing of all available tutorials, or this page to view the most recent video.

I’ve launched BPTV as a spin-off from my YouTube piano channel because there seems to be a big demand for blues piano techniques, and blues is pretty much what I do best. If you like other piano styles as well as blues, be sure to check out the channel.

Do I need to be able to play the piano to understand all this stuff?
A little, yes, but not loads. Even if all you can do is find your way around a piano keyboard, you should be able to make some progress. They great thing about the blues is that although the fingerwork can get very complex, the underlying principles are always very simple.

If you know a little about key signatures and basic chords, that would be useful too. If you know some music theory from learning another instrument (say, guitar), you should do OK; and if you’ve had 2-3 years of basic piano lessons you shouldn’t face any problems at all (except maybe with chords and chord symbols if you’ve had a very classically-oriented training – don’t worry, I’ll cover chord basics in some of the intro videos).

You’re very welcome to send comments or suggestions about the site to [my first name - it's at the bottom of this page] at blues piano dot tee vee.

If you have any specific questions about playing blues piano or the contents of any of the videos, it would be cool if you could post them in the comments threads of individual posts. I’ll always try to respond. I even plan to create specific videos in response to interesting questions (you’ll see a category column for them on the Episode Index page).

I hope you enjoy the site!